It’s always exciting when we get to be a part of something as well made as HBO’s THE NEWSROOM.  PRODUCTION LOCATIONS has been lucky enough to work on all 3 seasons of the emmy-award winning show.  Look for the 3rd … Continue reading →

Mayor Garcetti continues his efforts to bring Feature Film productions back to SoCal.  It seems that his efforts are genuine.  He appointed Ken Ziffren to be his chief advisor on everything regarding filming in Los Angeles. The Mayors press release Here’s

The new show on CBS used some of our exclusive locations at the LUMA building in downtown LA.  Intelligence — a new procedural show premiered this month.  It stars Josh Holloway from LOST.  Get in to it! ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ARTICLE

The comedy legend is back(sort of), and we helped with some of the locations for the BRAND NEW sketches shot to introduce the old episodes that begin airing on FXX in 2014. Check out the article below! ARTICLE

It’s the 5th season of THE LEAGUE on FXX.  We were more than happy to provide a recurring location for one of the funniest shows on TV.  If you haven’t been watching get into it here    

Over the infinity pool view with glass of wine (or two) and some yummy things, our newest exclusive penthouse loft listing had its open house debut last Friday. A big thank you goes out to all our guests and attendees … Continue reading →

From fire brimmed basketball courts to late night pool parties, our work scouting and securing locations for director and producer team Chris Applebaum and John Hardin has resulted in all sorts of fun and offbeat locations for different projects. From … Continue

If what goes around truly comes around, mid-century modern homes prove this to be true because of their never-ending appeal and nostalgic charm as well preserved pockets of a booming and bustling postwar America. Whether it be a rare property … Continue reading

We have moved from The Eastern Columbia  and in to our new office space at Banco Popular.  It’s very exciting to be able to continue to have our own set space and help our friends in production. DEAL WITH US … Continue reading →

We’ve been working with Director Chris Applebaum and his Producer John Hardin for the better part of a year.  It is always interesting.  This time the project involved a sexy burger… Oh, and Heidi Klum… She’s OK.  

Check out this recent article written about GOOD COMPANY  Here’s Brian Welsh hard at work on set

Instead of a traditional Christmas party Rob decided to take the team on a helicopter ride around the city.  We were flown all over LA, from downtown to Malibu by a stunt pilot.  I think he was getting a kick … Continue reading →

  We did locations on this shoot and it turned out well, to say the least.  Always happy to help our German brothers sell their sweet rides! Cool car!  Water!  Slow Motion!  

Took a little break this week to have some fun at one of our locations… Electric Go-Karts! Rob is pretty good.    

A new feature film starring Chris Evan, Topher Grace, Aubrey Plaza, and Michelle Monaghan. The movie will feature quite a few of our locations so look for it SOON, and stay classy.

Once again, Rockhard Films delivers with this stylish music video for Aerosmith’s latest rock ballad “What Could Have Been Love”. The video is not only great to look at, but it also reminds us about the importance of proper planning before …

The first season of Dance Showdown where celebrities from YouTube and professional dancers compete for $100,000 prize was filmed at this downtown studio.

A promotional photo shoot for the clothing brand Dickies that takes a look back from the 40′s, the 70′s and on to current day. Produced and photographed by Nest Artists / Bryan Sheffield.

This still photography campaign for Starbucks coffee was shot on location over the course of 6 days throughout San Francisco. Produced and photographed by Nest Artists / Bryan Sheffield.         

Our good friend and photographer Ben Tsui stopped by our commercial studio on Broadway to shoot some images for his portfolio… we look forward to his return.

The promotional at home spot was filmed on location for the upcoming 64th annual Emmy Awards with host Jimmy Kimmel.

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